5 benefits of self check-in kiosks at hotels

The pandemic has resulted in a turbulent time for the hospitality and travel industry. To assist staff, enhance health and safety and maintain social distancing, self-service solutions are the most cost-effective and efficient solution for hotel check-in.

Below are 5 ways self check-in kiosks support hotels.

1.Reduce queues during busy seasons

Self check-in kiosks are quick, efficient and easy to use, therefore allow holidaymakers to check-in without waiting in a queue for the front desk. This allows reception staff to focus on customers that need extra assistance.

2.Free-up staff time

Ensuring that your staff’s time is being spent as effectively as possible is crucial for a fast-moving hospitality environment. Self check-in removes the need for staff to be stuck at the front desk doing manual check-ins. They can be helping out around the hotel or with customer service.

3.Smart key drop service

Self-service solutions aren’t just for check-ins – they can be used for speedy check-outs too. Many customers may need to check out during the early hours of the morning and not all hotels can afford to have night staff constantly on the reception for the odd holidaymaker to check out. Self-service kiosks can be fitted with a key drop compartment and integrated with scanners, printers and software to allow customers to easily and quickly check-out from their room, completely fuss free.

4.Enhance customer service

Self-service kiosks can address multiple steps of the user journey, in one interactive solution. As well as check-in functionality, there can also be common FAQs installed on the screen and the option to request further customer service from staff. The kiosk can also be used to collect feedback, which is essential to hotels to keep their standards high and their customers happy.

5.Upsell amenities, extras and services

Customers on arrival don’t often want to chat about extras or excursions with the receptionist after a long day of travelling, however the interactive touchscreen can attractively present additional services and amenities that the customer can easily upgrade to or book on check-in. This encourages more impulse buys and therefore more revenue for the business.

Since the kiosks can be permanently deployed, they can be accessed to book extras by customers at any point of the holiday too.