Yiwu hardware and electrical appliance expo has come to a successful conclusion

 The 2019 China yiwu hardware and electrical appliance expo has come to a successful conclusion. Kunshan tairu electronics co., LTD., aiming at the international and domestic markets, will participate in the exhibition for domestic and foreign enterprises and partners to display corporate image, promote new products, negotiate trade and spread company information. In this exhibition, kunshan tairu electronics fully demonstrates its professional design and products recognized by international standards, which have attracted a large number of exhibitors for consultation. Kunshan – such as electronics co., LTD. To provide the service, the varieties is more than just design custom TV stents, plate, plate shell products, we in line with provides the omni-directional perspective design considering the environment of product, you need to provide professional services to design customized to better all-round display your TV or tablet application environment scene.


  This exhibition kunshan tairu electronics through the new product recommendation, to show the advantages of our products and services, attracted the majority of customers to inquire. This exhibition the exhibition time three days, kunshan tai electronic co., LTD. As for employees to visit customers with professional services, as they show the company’s professional strength and the service, the varieties introduced in kunshan – such as electronics co., LTD., a professional manufacturer of professional design customization TV stents advantages, customized service is the ability to design experience. Our new products in this exhibition include the new products of flat-screen TV bracket and flat-screen bracket, so that more customers can know the specialization of kunshan tairu electronics co., LTD.


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