A Buyer guide on Peacemounts latest TV mounts

Choosing the best TV mount that fits not only your TV screen but your interior design isn’t difficult, but it can certainly be a little confusing. By knowing all the features and factors, you can easily find the perfect match for your living room. Before buying a TV mount, let’s look at what kinds TV mount there are.

There are so many TV mounts out there that are designed and suitable for different occasions. Some are elegant TV floor stands, some are ceiling mounts with electric remote control, and some are screen mounts suitable for public places. You can choose it according to your needs and occasions.


The Studio TV Floor Stands feature simplicity and elegance, perfect for modern home interiors or public viewing areas. Perfect for places where TV cannot be mounted.
The TV stand is no longer just an accessory, but a beautiful work of art in the room.

The innovative light belt design of the base illuminates your road at night, which is both practical and beautiful.


Motorized Glide TV Wall Mount with height adjust function.Position your TV at the perfect height and raise your TV for standing activities like gaming.You can also reserve space to hide the TV bracket and install it in the wall, which is perfectly hidden.

Remote control allows you to experience the charm of smart home.It suits for 32-65 inch TV max to 176LBS.


Smart Flip Down TV Ceiling Mounts are designed to be ceiling mounted and firmly hold TVs, saving space and retracting when not in use. Great for public viewing but also ideal for home installations where space is a premium or when the TV needs to be out of sight when not in use.

Via remote control, CTM series Mounts can flip down/up the TV even if the user is far away or behind the wall. There are memory settings as well — a brilliant choice for restaurants/pubs/bistros/clubs!


A quality motor holds TVs up to 32″ ~ 65″ and provides automatic flip up and down functions, all can be controlled by remote. It is able to retract and keep flush to the top. A balanced mechanism combined to stop TV shaking on the ceiling.


Video wall mounts and TV wall mounts are the most widely used in public(commercial reason) and personal properties. Good quality video wall mounts are easy to install and configure. A seamless video wall makes viewing experience as good as a film.


Optimal Full Service Video Wall Mount is usually easy to configure, quick to install and a snap to maintain. A robust structure loaded with time-saving features like toolless micro-adjustments and easy access to the display for quick serviceability. It doesn’t require any measurement, so no mistakes. A whole video wall is absolutely offering people the best viewing experience, not only in recreation but public service!



Beat your competition, take a look, you might find new mounts and stands that are perfect for your customers!

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