How to build your smart home with TV mount

What is a smart home?

At its most basic level, a smart home is equipped with electronic devices that can be controlled remotely. Building a smart home is an exciting adventure, a way to add the most up-to-date technology and design a space just for you. Lights come on when you want, in the colors you prefer, favorite music plays in rooms, digital helpers know when it’s time to leave for work — and the best route — and locks and sensors keep watch while you’re tucked away sleeping, whether you’re a night owl or early riser. And with new custom systems, like smart irrigation systems and built-in smart home security systems, can help you save money on your water bills and keep you safe and secure 24/7.

How to build a smart home?

A smart home doesn’t have to be fully automated; you can pick and choose from hundreds of upgrades and products from countless manufacturers. This allows you to be selective about the technology you use to make your home better fit your lifestyle.


What is the role of motorized TV mount in smart home system?

As a necessary item in the living room, TV is an important part of the home.The TV mount not only allows the TV to be adjusted in height angle, but also gives the user the best viewing experience and the most comfortable viewing angle.Motorized TV mount have more advantages than traditional TV mount, such as you only need a remote control to achieve height and angle adjustment. You can easily control the desired height and angle of your TV even when lying on the sofa or bed.Smart homes can’t do without electric TV mount.


About Motorized TV Mount Series

Peacemounts holds one of leadership position in the development and distribution of mounting equipment.We have over 10 years R&D experience and developed a number of products independently.


CTM Series

CTM Series Ceiling TV Mount include three version for different TV sizes and VESA sizes.



Smart Flip Down TV Ceiling Mount is the perfect choice to saves space for room with low ceiling (flat and pitched) – retracts and keeps flush to the top. Best of all, combined with the balanced mechanism to stop TV shaking on the ceiling.

The use of luxury car-grade seat belts not only provides longevity, but most importantly, for safety reasons, prevents the TV from falling.

Limiters prevent damage to the motor due to improper operation.Quality motor holds TVs up to 65” (40 kg/93lbs) and provides automatic flip up and down function with the press of a button.

And CTM-4 holds TVs 45”-80” (40 kg/93lbs) with VESA 400*400-800*600MM.

CTM-5 holds TVs up to 45”(20kg/44lbs) with VESA 75*75-200*200MM.



Motorized Glide TV Wall Mount with height adjust function.Position your TV at the perfect height and raise your TV for standing activities like gaming.
Remote control allows you to experience the charm of smart home.It suits for 32-65 inch TV max to 176LBS.

Motorized TV Mount



Our upgraded electric TV lift stand flexibly control the lift or down in 2 ways: wireless remote control or wire-connected hand controller.
●Auto Lift/Down Height
●Compatible various TV Sizes
●Aluminum Alloy Structure
●Easy Installation
You can install the motorized TV lift inside a cabinet, counter, or commercial or residential use, including office, meeting room, living room, bedroom, hotel lobbies, shopping mall, etc.