Successful conclusion of InfoComm China 2023

The 2023 Infocomm China exhibition has concluded successfully, with Kunshan Peacemoutns Electronics Co., LTD. actively participating to target both international and domestic markets. The company utilized this exhibition as an opportunity to showcase its corporate image, unveil new products, engage in trade negotiations, and disseminate valuable company information to potential domestic and foreign partners.

During the exhibition, Kunshan Peacemounts Electronics demonstrated its exceptional expertise and products that meet international standards, which garnered significant attention from numerous visitors seeking consultations. Our company’s comprehensive services go beyond merely designing custom video mount,TV mounts, tablet stand, and tablet case and other metal brackets. We adopt an all-encompassing approach by considering the product’s environmental aspects and providing professional customization services to ensure an outstanding display of TV or tablet applications in various scenarios.

During the exhibition, Kunshan Peacemounts Electronics effectively showcased the advantages of their products and services through new product presentations, garnering significant interest from a large number of customers. The exhibition spanned three days, during which Kunshan Peacemounts Electronics’ dedicated employees provided professional services to visiting customers, showcasing the company’s expertise and commitment to exceptional service.

Kunshan Peacemounts Electronics, a renowned professional manufacturer specializing in customized metal bracket designs, highlighted the key advantages of their products during the event. Our ability to deliver tailored solutions was emphasized through various product offerings, including new flat-screen TV brackets. As a result, more customers became aware of the specialization and capabilities of Kunshan Peacemounts Electronics Co., LTD.

Throughout the exhibition, we engaged in fruitful interactions with over 500 customers who visited our booth. These enthusiastic visitors showed keen interest in our products and sought detailed information about our professional solutions. Our product range included screen brackets, TV trolleys, electric ceiling TV brackets, tablet PC brackets, wall-mounted TV brackets, and more.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we were thrilled to witness many customers signing cooperation contracts with us right on the spot. This demonstrated their confidence and trust in the quality and value of our offerings, leading to exciting new partnerships and business opportunities.