Why Choose Video Wall?

Customers can consider installing a video wall at home, but also in a commercial location, the video wall can be installed anywhere you want to display digital signage.

Application purposes include giving informational content, giving key points to products or services, recreational and other reasons, many of which are aimed at improving the profitability of commercial enterprises. For example, during the Qatar World Cup or other globally watched events such as the Olympics, it is perfect for people to meet in bars and other venues to watch the games together, an atmosphere that cannot be matched by watching alone at home. How to attract more fans or viewers is a major issue for bars, and video walls are a good choice. Whatever the reason for installing video walls, the benefits are manifold, as they can find a focal point anywhere.

The benefits of creating a video wall

Whether for sporting, political or economic reasons, huge wallcoverings create an extraordinary sensation for international events. Smaller video walls developed for digital signage can and do include many of the same benefits, from excellent resolution to flexible design and affordable processing performance. As described below, users can get a lot of benefits from their video walls.

Extraordinary Audience Engagement

Customers can’t help but be drawn to digital signage video walls. They’re eye-catching and entertaining, often giving great relief while waiting for a service item. In addition, modern technology delivers images in high-definition, high-resolution displays, producing crisp and clear images that captivate the audience. When you want to share informative content in the field for any reason, a video wall is a way to go. When you want results, the best strategy is high-quality images and videos that aren’t limited by image clarity.

How to create Video Wall?

Making the video wall as seamless as possible and ensuring that it is securely fastened is where wall mounts come into play. Now, there is an immense amount of wall mounts on the market. On one end, you have cheap options with limited or no adjustment ability. On the other, you get mounts that allow you to “pop-out” individuals displays as needed.

With the many varieties available, it’s impossible to categorize them into a few sections, but it’s truly a “you get what you pay for” scenario. Cheap mounts almost always mean more time fiddling with placement and often poor results. In the meantime, premium versions are easy to use and precise.

Finely Adjust Video Walls Across Three Axis Points for Seamless Viewing

As multiple screens converge as part of large-scale video wall, a minimized bezel gap benefits audiences by providing a seamless viewing experience. Viewer attention is focused on the display’s visual message rather than the display itself for maximized impact. Since the dismantling and reassembly of video walls and mounts to address bezels gaps also can come with a significant time and cost commitment, a reduced bezel gap is a critical purchase consideration for video wall users. To ensure easy adjustment and the elimination of bezel gaps, Peacemounts’s video wall mounts provide with enhanced fine adjustment. The wall mounts feature three-dimensional axis adjustment, including x-axis (up and down movement with rotational screws for fine tuning); y-axis (left and right movement for fine tuning); and z-axis (push and pull pop-up capability for effortless installation). By being able to finely adjust video walls across three axis points, users can effortlessly align individual displays to form a continuous and gap-free presentation.

An Industry-Leading Slim Depth Enhances your Business Environment

Peacemounts’s advanced video wall mounts offer an industry-leading slim depth of 67mm to enhance your business environment.With an optimized slim depth, Samsung’s wall mounts help maintain a clean installation area by hiding cables behind an enhanced space-saving design. Similarly, the slim depth keeps the video wall more closely aligned to the mounting wall for cleaner lines that reinforce your business’ sophisticated design aesthetic.