How to Support Practitioner Happiness and Boost Patient Satisfaction

Research shows that happy practitioners equal happy patients. When caregivers have a working environment allowing them to excel, patient satisfaction and overall happiness can grow exponentially. Creating working environments that support happier and healthier nurses and strong nurse-patient connections impacts actual results , including:

Drops in injury rates

Hospital-related infections

Shorter hospital stays

And more

We dive deeper into conditions that support caregiver well-being and a positive patient experience, supporting improved physical and mental health, nurse retention, workflow efficiencies and more.

Workstations that Promote Efficiency

Hospitals and clinics are fast-paced environments with caregivers at the center of patient care. This mental and physical load often results in fatigue and an inability to complete charting in the allotted time frame. More than 72% of nurses report staying after their shift to finish charting.

An ergonomic workstation that is intuitive to use and adjustable for each caregiver supports comfortable and efficient documentation. When nurses and physicians feel better and have the right tools to complete documentation, they can spend more time providing quality patient care.

Model No.:MGS-L(Medical cart for Laptop )

Medical cart mobile work station suits for nurse to push various monitoring instruments or medicines to each ward to provide convenient services for patients.Not only is it more efficient, it also allows patients to experience attentive and meticulous service.

Model No.:MGS-TL(Medical cart for Tablet /Monitor)

Focus on Optimizing your workflow efficiency with tablet Workstation Mobile Cart which comes VESA for monitor or Tablet.
Easy to adjust the height, you can choose a right height to sit, or stand up to release your muscles after sitting for a long time, thus improve your energy and efficiency.
By use this cart, now you can slide your tablet to anywhere you want and get your work done.

Dependable Power

Every moment is critical in a high-intensity healthcare environment. At any given time, nurses are subconsciously managing and anticipating the battery life of laptops, tablets and more, many of which are crucial to their patient care.

Intuitive power solutions are vital to mitigating workflow concerns related to critical medical devices or EHR reboot times, impacting patient health outcomes. Proactively monitoring battery life through the entire health system helps improve technology uptime and maintain essential workflows.

Model No.:PM-OC-1T

All the platforms can be freely installed to meet different needs. Easy to adjust the height of the monitor and keyboard deck for choosing the right high to sit or stand up, meet your needs for standing up desk work, or switch to different scenes and usages.

Due to compact design, including monitor arm, platforms for placing laptop, keyboard, printer, and CPU holder, with a cable management system to organize the cables.And  Space saving to small space, small business or mobile working.


A mobile workstation that holds day-to-day essentials, medication and more, brings together multiple tasks into one tool to help alleviate extra physical and mental steps.


Our healthcare systems today face pressures not before seen in modern healthcare environments. And as 63% of hospital nurses report experiencing burnout, investing in professional-grade workstations that remove workflow barriers and provide intuitive systems that allow for quality patient care will enable healthcare leaders to support patients in deeper ways and improve nurse happiness and retention at every turn.

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