How to build smart wards?

With the popularity of information management, many hospitals are actively exploring digital hospital construction, continuing to increase investment in three major areas: smart services, smart medical care and smart management, continuously improving the quality of medical services and management through information technology, and continuously optimizing the patient’s consultation experience.

So how to create a smart ward? In addition to the software system, this article would like to introduce the application of our medical monitor mount and medical cart in the smart ward, which is an important part of creating a smart ward.


The intelligent ward consists of several systems: large screen interaction system, bedside intelligent interaction system, intelligent call system, intelligent infusion monitoring system, and vital sign monitoring. It comprehensively covers all the needs of patients during hospitalization and provides more comprehensive and better services to patients.


1.Large screen interactive system

Through timely, reliable and comprehensive clinical information collection and application, nursing staff can more accurately understand ward dynamics, focus on key patients, perform nursing tasks, create a closed loop of services and create a warm environment, and realize the refinement of ward management.

Model No.:PTU-1000(Portable TV mounts)

This portable mounts only consists of four separate neat hooks to be fixed on the TV,which can reach the same effects as the long hooks.But it’s very strong to be mounted.This is a band new and innovative portable flat wall mount bracket for any 10” to 100” LED or LCD flat panel screen.

  1. Intelligent bedside interaction system

The multi-functional Smart Care screen at the bedside can check the patient’s condition at any time. Nursing staff can provide personalized health promotion according to the patient’s condition. Patients can use the bedside screen to know their hospital bill list. The bedside screen in the smart ward covers a number of functions such as patient call, notes, health education, cost inquiry, examination and test report access, appointment information, satisfaction survey, etc. It is equivalent to a patient’s “digital escort”.

Model No.:PM-501(Medical monitor wall mount)

The built-in ultra-precision mechanical spring arm can smoothly adjust your monitor to any height and angle to meet your ergonomic requirements.

This wall monitor arm supports up-down adjustable and 540° rotation. Provide you with more comfortable viewing angle, help to reduce neck, shoulder and back pain, work more efficiently.The wall mount can save valuable space.

  1. Intelligent call system

The electronic bedside card displays patient information, care information and call information centrally on the bedside screen.

Model No.:UTSW-01/02(Universal tablet wall mount)

Our Universal tablet wall mount make it easy to attach a tablet or monitor to the wall and can also accommodate a wide range of sizes.


4.Vital signs monitoring

Nursing staff use multi-sign monitors to complete monitoring of body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen and heart rate at the bedside, and at the same time, they can connect blood glucose meters to realize blood glucose collection, and the data is directly uploaded to the temperature list and electronic medical record system via Bluetooth after the collection is completed, saving the time of manual entry, improving data accuracy and enhancing work efficiency.

Model No.:MGS-L(Medical cart)

Medical cart mobile work station suits for nurse to push various monitoring instruments or medicines to each ward to provide convenient services for patients.Not only is it more efficient, it also allows patients to experience attentive and meticulous service.



The smart ward system adheres to the “patient-centered” service concept, combining AI technology and various intelligent terminals to automatically collect data, automatically warn of risks, and provide personalized follow-up management, missionary push, and reminder of precautions according to the patient’s condition development and treatment process, so as to provide personalized and refined care for patients. care services.

The system collects, stores and presents patients’ health status and various medical information in an intelligent manner, which not only reduces the work intensity of nursing staff and improves the efficiency of nursing services, but also enables nursing staff to quickly obtain patient information, facilitate the mastery of changes in conditions and improve the quality of care. The patient-centered service model improves the patient experience and helps hospitals enhance their comprehensive competitiveness. And our monitor mount and medical cart are an important part of the smart ward system, so if your end customer or project requires them, please contact us to purchase.

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