There are several factors to consider when choosing a supplier for your business. Factors you may want to consider include quality, price, delivery deadlines, and availability of products. Patented products and their own innovative design capabilities are also increasingly important. A good place to start is by first defining what you want and need from the supplier. This will help narrow down the possible suppliers that fit within your criteria and give you a better idea of who might be best suited for your needs. Once you have decided on the most important features, it’s time to do some research!
Let’s talk about the comprehensive strength of PEACEMOUNTS.


Founded in 2012

Started in 2012,PEACEMOUNTS has always focused on the audio-visual equipment products development and marketing, with very rich product lines from TV Mounts, hospital monitor arm, TV Stand, Microphone Mount, Tablet floor Stand Holder, Tablet Stand Holder, Electric Sit Stand Desk, Gas-Lift Desk, and other ergonomic office equipment. Our products passed many international certifications, like UL/GS/CE/ROHS/ETL/ISO9001:2008, etc.

Our company has been leading the mounting industry since 2012. For this time, we have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in developing advanced fastening solutions for various audio and video equipment. The products we sell undergo several stages of inspection to ensure their safety and stated properties. We have all the required quality certificates and will be pleased to provide them to our partners at the first demand.


Currently more than 20K+pcs monthly production capacity.

With over 9 years of development and expansion, now we have over 20K pcs monthly production capacity located in Suzhou, China.

Located in Suzhou, near Shanghai, the largest port in the world

Only one and a half hours from Suzhou to the Port of Shanghai. PEACEMOUNTS has a logistics edge that our customers need, with the ability to move products fast and affordably. Customers can receive their goods on time or on budget no matter what – we offer both convenient for them as well!

Provides mounting solution and ergonomic products for the office, home, and pro audio visual market

Now, with over 9 years of experience, we’ve become the leading exporter of mounting solution products and a rising choice in ergonomic products.


Not Your Competition

We take pride in the fact that we are not a company competing with our customers. Our products can be found through many retailers, but you won’t find them on Amazon or any other site where people buy from directly -PEACEMOUNTS has always been committed to establishing relationships and trust first before making sales.

We believe this strengthens joint venture partnerships by working together as partners who put quality ahead of all else rather than going headlong into the competition.

Flexible OEM/ODM Service

We offer both ODM and OEM services so that you can always find just what you need! We provide innovative, high-quality goods at competitive prices in order to serve our customers upmost well.

No matter how many pieces for your order, we always could provide you with a good solution.No matter you have your own design or you want our design, we could satisfy you always.

Professional R&D Team
Our engineering team is made up of 10+ experts with over 6 years of experience in the industry who are ready to take your ideas from concept to production on time and under budget. You can count on us for quality, efficiency, creativity – all at an affordable price!

We hold one of the leadership positions in the development and distribution of mounting equipment. As an established in China TV mounts manufacturer, we pride ourselves on spreading our ground-breaking fastening solutions through the world. Our dedicated R&D team keeps improving a technological process to ensure our equipment meets the international quality standards.

Strict Quality Control System

Our company has a professional quality control team to ensure that the products we sell meet our high standards. This includes testing of raw materials, in-process testing, and finished goods inspection. We also have employees who monitor production lines. And we passed ISO 9001 quality standard.

Stable Delivery Time
Production capacity is a well-known bottleneck in supply chains. Being unable to deliver products on time, or being unable to determine the delivery date with confidence, can be extremely costly for many companies. In order to avoid that barrier and provide a consistent service, we have a clear production process and mature supply chain that can either produce as much as required at any given time.

Source Factory

Ensuring the stable quality of products is a must for any business. In order to ensure the best possible outcome, our factory uses only the finest raw materials from around the world. We do this so that you can be confident that your product will meet all standards and expectations. With over 9 years of experience in manufacturing, we know exactly what it takes to provide a superior finished product. Our dedication to excellence sets us apart from other companies and ensures customer satisfaction each and every time.

The advanced production equipment in our factory is enough to impress you. Not only does their precision make them perfect for producing parts with extreme accuracy, but also because these sophisticated devices help increase efficiency and reduce costs across the board!


Our 90% of the front-line workers are skilled. They’re more productive at work and have fewer mistakes on-site, which means they always get things done quickly with a well-made product!


Marketing support

As a leading company in the industry, we have always paid special attention to analyzing data and grasping first-hand trends. Our marketing team provides you with professional advice on hot selling products. This will ensure that your company doesn’t get lost in all of this confusion about which one to choose or how they can be extended more effectively for success!

Our Marketing team offers our customers eye-catching marketing materials including hi-resolution photography- macro, lifestyle, renderings, and videos that convert into sales. All of this comes at no or little cost to you, allowing you to focus your financial resources, time, and energy on selling.

Best Team

We are a young and energetic team of professionals who are passionate about what we do, and the results that come from it. Over the years we have developed an outstanding reputation for providing quality services in all areas of business with innovative ideas. Our team has always aimed at creating flawless communication between clients and partners which leads to long-term relationships that benefit both parties involved.


And our team participate in some professional training every quarter to improve our skills and serve customers more professionally.

We are always looking for ways to make ourselves even better, which is why we get together with other professionals from throughout the company at regular intervals so that each one of us can learn something new about our job.

Best Pre-sales and after-sales service
24/7 customer service is what sets us apart. Our focus on the needs of our clients, coupled with a commitment to providing cost-effective yet high-quality equipment has made many companies worldwide turn to PEACEMOUNTS for their business requirements

A 24 hour turnaround time ensures any request will be handled efficiently and quickly.

Client Cases

Over the years more and more customers of big brands choose us. We’re committed to making every customer satisfied with their own products or services – just like any good company should be doing!

Customer Testimonials
We often receive installation feedback pictures from customers and their compliments on the product. In addition, we also have some users who share with us what they think of our customer care service–they say it’s superior!

The hottest Video wall bracket MV-70 Push-in Pop-out Micro adjustment is the perfect solution to the problem of splicing video walls requiring fine-tuning and maintenance said our client Ivan.

The praise of customers should not just remain words on paper but rather become our motivation as we continue efforts return trust with better quality products and professional services.

We have always focused on audio-visual and ergonomic equipment products development and marketing, with very rich product lines from TV Mounts,hospital monitor arm, TV Stand, Microphone Mount, Tablet floor Stand Holder, Tablet Stand Holder, Electric Sit Stand Desk, Gas-Lift Desk, and other ergonomic office equipment.


Insist on doing high quality and high practicality of innovative and beautiful metal products.



To be the best metal products solution development company in the world


Core Values

1.Customer First

With a dedication to the satisfaction and success of every customer, our foundation is built on this. We strive for personalized service that will meet or exceed your needs in whatever way possible – from offering deals tailored just right for you, all while maintaining an eye out across the industry so as not to miss anything new coming down the pipeline before it becomes popular!

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and they should be treated with care. We have an obligation to provide them excellent service in order for us all to reap rewards at long last!


Our company’s goal is always to provide the best possible solutions for our customers. To provide better solutions for customers means always putting their needs first so they can experience an easy transaction with no hassle or stress!


Be honest, keep promises to customers, we not only sell products to clients but are also always here to help clients to sell.


2. Duty

Responsibility is an essential part of the business. Every company should have a sense of social responsibility and contribute to society in some way. Society needs the company’s help.

PEACEMOUNTS always have a sense of social responsibility by ensuring that provide our employees with adequate wages and benefits; respect our customers by offering quality products at affordable prices; and have good relationships with other companies in the supply chain.


Develop products that solve customer pain points and are highly practical. Product is never just about the aesthetics, but also how well they address an unmet need in the marketplace.

Seek the truth by looking at only facts, avoiding exaggeration or misrepresentations.


We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas. We believe in challenging conventional wisdom, so our team has constant brainstorming sessions to come up with ways we can help you solve your problems.
Always stay hungry, stay foolish! Keep learning new things and dare to ask questions.
Innovation is the key to success. Innovate and stay ahead of your competition by meeting future needs that are constantly changing and keeping pace with the market trends.


It is essential to have a humble attitude when working as part of a team. Learn from each others’ strengths and work hard for the common goal, in order not only benefit yourself but also give back by helping out your coworkers.
Empathy is key to success, so be open-minded when working with others on projects; take time for friendly conversation as well!
Be a listener and an active undertaker in teamwork. Listen to the team’s needs, but be open for suggestions on how they can solve their problems so you are not just wasting everyone’s time!


By sharing knowledge, information, and ideas with others; we can build upon our experiences in order to accomplish more. It’s important that this becomes a habit for all of us because it will lead to successful habits.



Peacemounts believe that growth with our customers is the point for business activities, if we help to grow our customers’ businesses, then we’ll grow behind them.


If you’re looking to team up with a reliable supplier to buy TV mounts, Tablet stands, Ergonomic office equipment wholesale, look no further. At Peacemounts, we’ve got everything it takes to provide our partners with tablet and television stands, brackets, and other equipment in the required amount within a tight deadline.


If you need any help and support, contact your PEACEMOUNTS Representative today or email us at maggie@peacemounts.com. You also can learn more about us via www.peacemounts.com .Thanks for reading!