TOP 5 ergonomics design office equipment

The total length of working hours in the world accounts for more than half of everyone’s lifetime. In order to reduce physical fatigue and health risks during work, attention should be paid to the creation of comfortable conditions for office space arrangement. Ergonomically designed office equipment is the best solution for it.

Ergonomically designed office equipment is popular for a number of reasons. We discussed the reasons, as well as introduced some products that can help you keep your body safe while working.

Why is ergonomically designed office equipment popular?

1. Improve work efficiency.

Ergonomically designed office equipment makes it convenient for people to use without adding too much trouble, so that staff members will be more efficient in their work.

2.Reduce the risk of health problems. 

Ergonomically designed office equipment can reduce bad postures to prevent a variety of health problems such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation and other diseases.

For example,Sedentary lifestyles are the biggest problem office workers face today.The June 2017 issue of the American Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, a leading international medical journal, states that the incidence of arthritis in fitness runners is 3.5%, compared to 10.2% in sedentary people.

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Osteoarthritis of the knee is one of the common diseases with an overall prevalence of 15.6%. Osteoarthritis of the knee has become the second most disabling disease in the world today.

And the dangers of sitting aren’t just about hurting your knees.

2.1 Sedentary brain injury: to Alzheimer’s

Sitting for one hour can lead to blood being concentrated in the lower body, which will reduce circulation of limbs. This may have an effect on brain function as well since lack of oxygenation is likely and also headaches are more common when someone has been sitting too long without moving around at all throughout his or her day-to-day life activities and even an important factor in dementia.

2.2 Heart function decline

Being sedentary can cause blood circulation to slow down, which can cause heart function to decline and cause heart muscle atrophy.

2.3 Sedentary injury to blood vessels: arteriosclerosis

Long-term sedentary, fat burning decreases and cholesterol increases, which may block the heart and blood vessels and increase cardiovascular disease. Sitting for a long time, calcified material accumulates in arteries and causes atherosclerosis. Sitting for an extra hour a day increases the risk of coronary atherosclerosis by 12%.

2.4 Dizziness and blurred vision

Sitting for a long time without moving blood circulation slowed down, but also lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, injury and brain damage, manifested as body tiredness and fatigue, but also dizziness and dizziness and other symptoms.

2.5 Sedentary injury to the bone: neck, shoulder and back pain

The neck, shoulder and back are in a tense fixed position for a long time, which will not only cause poor local blood circulation, but also lead to stiffness, soreness and pain, headache and cervical spondylosis.

2.6 Sedentary lung injury: affect the heart and lung blood supply

With little sedentary exercise, the lungs are not effectively exercised, which can affect the blood supply to the heart and lungs.

2.7 Sitting hurts the pancreas: diabetes

When the cells are in idle muscle, the pancreas responds slowly and tends to produce more insulin, leading to diabetes and a 112% increased risk of type 2 diabetes when the cells are sedentary for long periods of time.

2.8 Sedentary injury to the stomach: loss of appetite

Sitting for a long time tends to cause a slowdown in gastrointestinal peristalsis, a decrease in digestive fluid secretion by the digestive glands, a loss of appetite and other symptoms, and aggravates a person’s bloating, constipation, indigestion and other digestive system symptoms.

2.9 Sedentary injury to the intestines: colon cancer

The prolonged sitting of people’s intestines and stomach peristalsis weakens and slows down, making it easy for harmful ingredients to remain in the colon and irritate the intestinal mucosa, plus poor blood circulation in the abdominal cavity, pelvis and lumbosacral area, and a decrease in the function of the intestinal immune barrier, increasing the risk of colon cancer. The fact that “nine out of ten people have hemorrhoids” and remain seated for a long time also tends to lead to hemorrhoids.

3.Ensure safety.

There is no sharp corner on ergonomically designed office equipment to avoid personal accidents.

So you now know the importance of ergonomically designed office equipment.There are many types of them.And today introduce TOP 5 popular ergonomically designed office equipment products as below.

TOP 1:Electric lift sit stand desk

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The Commercial-Grade Electric Sit Stand Desks PM-ZER01 are modern, sturdy and provide height adjustment for most any size user. These electric standing desks come in different heights from 28 inch to 44.5″. This makes them perfect whether you’re short or tall! Also One second from sitting to standing is the blink of an eye.The small packaging also helps with cost efficiency when shipping these items because they can be easily shipped anywhere around the world without taking up too much space on your trucking company’s freight line up.” The frame of this desk is made to support 120lbs! It’s designed with industrial grade steel which means it can hold up the weight even if you have a lot on your plate.

Thoughtful design

Our designs are based on customer feedback. We’re constantly listening, researching and tweaking. Our design team added in a posture curve for minimal impact on your back.

Smooth transition and excellent structure

The steel structure and pneumatic cylinder helps you to be more smooth, simple while adjusting the height. The frame comes in a sleek black finish that seamlessly blends into any environment for an discreet appearance without compromising on functionality!

Better working experience

Flexible working environments are great for your health. They help reduce the risk of back pain, diabetes and heart problems while also reducing obesity by switching between sitting at a desk all day or standing up to work outside!

Programmable Memory Function

There are 4 preset buttons to customize your desired heights and memory it with one preset button. Touch and hold the “M” to Adjust to your desired position.

Cable Management Tray

Avoid messy hanging wires! The under desk cable management rack has lots of space for power strip and cables.

TOP 2:Gas-lift desk

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Due to COVID-19, the increasing number of people who need to work at home, or work in a compact space, this gas lit table PM-LF01 is your best choice.This Pneumatic Effortless Mobile Work station is a contemporary-styled versatile workstation designed for working with laptops, paper work and presentations. The gas-spring height adjustable mechanism operates with minimal effort – making it great for sit to stand or sharing the workstation with users of various sizes. The smooth writing surface and tablet slot add even more functions. It is perfect for medical, education, hotels, homes, and other work environments.

TOP 3:Electric rotating monitor stand

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Tired of the pain in your neck and shoulders? Sitting for long periods can cause it. Fixed screens are bad news too, they make you stiff all over! Physical therapy isn’t always enough to treat this root-caused problem – sometimes repeated massages don’t do much good either… But now there’s an electric rotating monitor stand that will help fix things once and for all.

Electric lifting and rotating monitor stand PM-T17,the perfect solution for those who suffer from cervical pain.It will take you five or more minutes to make a full rotation without interrupting your concentration at work!

The rotation speed is very slow as a snail movement.The speed can also be set.It is smooth,slow and noiseless,witch does not affect the ability to read and work.Follow the moving screen to move as like to do neck exercises.It can automatically drive the monitor to move particularly slowly, so as to force the user’s neck and waistline to move together imperceptibly, avoid the body fixed in a posture, help improve blood circulation and keep doing spine exercises all the time while working in order to relieve stiffness and pain.Do unconsciously 96 neck exercises in a Day. You’ll never have pain again and the height adjustment function will make sure that development is natural too! Just stand for 15 minutes every 45 minutes while sitting down–this helps circulation throughout the body as well enhances leg strength since we naturally move our heads up when standing from a seated position.Doing these small movements can really add up over time- with 30000 done per year alone being enough do accumulate noticeable results quickly.

TOP 4:Computer Desk Arm Rest

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Ergonomic computer desk arm rests PM-LW02 help to avoid long term arm suspension. They can also correct your sitting posture and make you more comfortable by providing three different positions that are perfect for any type of work space or mood, ergonomically designed so it will not put unnecessary stress on either the shoulders or back!

4.1)PM-LW02 can be adjusted on horizontal direction. It has 3 pivot points and 2 adjustable hinges that allow for ergonomic comfort, up to 250 mm of extension when at maximum length!

4.2)The arm support for your desk can be easily attached with its tool-free clamping base, meaning there’s no need to drill holes and ruin the aesthetics of an already beautiful workspace. Fits desk thicknesses less than 55 mm.

4.3)The fully adjustable arm allows you to swivel and adjust the height, providing a perfect support system. The freely moving elbow rest creates just what we need at our desks!

4.4)The armrest can be adjusted up to 4 cm, providing enough space for your elbow and wrist support. The 3 preset height settings ensure that no matter what position you’re in there’s always the perfect fit!

4.5)Reduce the stress from cervical vertebrae shoulder arm and wrist. Relieving 90 percent of the weight undertaken by your wrist strong and durable, supports up to 10 kg.

4.6)With this Computer desk arm rest, you can avoid cervical vertebrae ache and mouse hand. Additionally it will also keep your eyesight on target with nearsightedness by keeping a proper posture!

TOP 5:sliding laptop holder

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SLH-1 Sliding Laptop Holder For Office Desk

The truth is, using multiple computers and notebooks simultaneously can greatly improve work efficiency.The sliding laptop holder SLH-1 is an ideal solution for those who need to work with multiple computers and notebooks. It can be installed under any table, increasing the available space while still allowing you enough room on your desk or countertop! The best part about this product? When not in use it simply folds away into itself so that all its features are accessible at any time without taking up extra room.Also it affords best typing angles with concealed function.

The above 5 best-selling ergonomically designed products are very popular in North America, Europe and Australia. We have more than 100k pieces sold per year by our customers who sell them on Amazon or eBay as well as large supermarkets and stores with great profits for them.It is worth trying out these five products to help you have more chances of success in 2022.



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