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We have a professional R & D team and rich design experience, and customize more than 100 products for customers every year
Your designs are what make your company unique to the market. We understand the importance of having trust and confidence in the design, development, and manufacturing of your products. We honor the confidence placed in us and protect each product with stringent audited relationships, non-disclosure agreements, and management of sensitive information.

SW600 TV Wall Mount

Hilton Hotels in Sydney Australia
180° freely rotating TV rack, can be embedded in the wall for installation

GV70 Fore Maintenance Mount

Nanjing Radio and Television Center in Nanjing
Fore maintenance splicing hydraulic TV Mount, free combination, seamless splicing

UTSF Thermometer Tablet Stand

DeepGlint Inc. in Beijing
Fore maintenance splicing hydraulic TV Mount, free combination, seamless splicing

Pre-sales consultant

Our sales managers have extensive field experience and knowledge, and can answer any questions you care about about products, freight, markets, etc.

Free design

We have an independent design team and factory, and provide free design services to customers who meet the MOQ requirements. We provide customers with more than 100 customized products every year

Factory tour

We welcome you to visit our factory, but due to the Covid-19, we can provide real-time video tour service

5-year warranty

For products with quality problems during the warranty period, we provide free return and replacement services

Full refund

Each product undergoes strict quality inspection before leaving the factory. If you receive a product with quality problems, we will provide a full refund service

Discounts for old customers and large customers

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