2019 Happy Spring Festival

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The Spring Festival comes

    As an ancient festival in China, it is also the most important festival of the whole year. In the historical development, it is a mixture of various folk customs and forms some relatively fixed customs and habits, many of which have been passed down till now. China is a multi-ethnic country, and different ethnic groups celebrate the New Year in different ways.

The Spring Festival custom

    The Spring Festival is the day to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Although the Spring Festival is set on the first day of the first lunar month, the activities of the Spring Festival do not stop at the first day of the first lunar month. From the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month (or the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month), people will begin to "busy year" : sacrifice kitchen, sweep dust, purchase New Year goods, paste red, shampoo bath, zhang dengcai paste New Year pictures and so on.

The Spring Festival food

     Spring Festival food in general to eat cake, dumplings, glutinous rice cake, dumplings, potted eggs, meatballs, whole fish, wine, fook oranges, apples, peanuts, melon seeds, candy, hong Ming and feast mainly. Such as New Year's eve dinner, particularly exquisite: one is the family must be together, for reasons not back must leave a seat and a set of tableware, reflects the meaning of reunion; Second, rich food, pay attention to "oral lottery".

The Spring Festival activities

     New Year's money is also called "pressure from money", originally intended to drive evil spirits, and later gradually formed the custom of the Spring Festival. Spring Festival to eat dumplings, eat dumplings, eat rice cakes, figure geely, figure reunion, figure annual rise. Dragon dance was originally used to worship and entertain gods during the Spring Festival, and later developed into a folk art activity. Setting off firecrackers is a time-honored custom of the Spring Festival, intended to drive out evil spirits, auspicious peace, welcome the New Year.

The Spring Festival folk

    Chinese folk song: "23, zaoguan; Twenty-four, sweep the house; Twenty-five, grinding tofu; Twenty-six, to cut the flesh; Twenty-seven, kill a chicken; Twenty-eight, steamed date flower; Twenty-nine, to make wine; New Year's eve son, fabricated nose (dumplings); Big beginning one son, pout bottom disorderly bow son."Eastern henan folk song: "twenty-six steamed buns; Twenty-seven, wash a wash; Twenty-eight, paste New Year pictures, twenty-nine, the door; New Year's eve, eat dumplings ".

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