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We provide high-quality TV brackets at reasonable prices, and there are many types which you will surely find the one that’s right for your needs.We customize more than 100 metal brackets for customers every year
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Wholesale TV Mount Can Be Easy & Safe

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We Usually Reply Within 12 Hour With Confidence.

    We Produce A Variety of TV Mounts

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    We provide the best service because we take care of everything for you The one-stop shop that provides solutions to all your needs

    OEM & ODM available

    We have a team of experienced design enginer and factories, we can provide custom-made services for you. You may establish your own brand with our support!

    One-stop Service

    Our professional sales team will help you solve all procurement, transportation and after-sales problems. Simply tell us what your needs are!

    Zoom audit online

    We are a 100% real factory, welcome to visit or video inspect our factory.

    Stable & Lightling fast shipping

    With our strong production capacity and fixed logistics partners, you can be sure that your items will arrive fast.

    Privacy protect

    We strictly keep confidentiality for our customers, so you don’t have to worry about information leakage at all

    24x7 support

    Our team provides 24-hour service to provide you with the fastest response

    Check Out Our Team and Factory

    Established in 2012, we are committed to the development and manufacture of metal brackets. Our quality is a guarantee for lasting durability which our innovative design makes possible.

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    With more than 5000 satisfied customers, you can be sure that whatever it is we do will meet with your approval.

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    We work with our customers to meet their needs and we’re committed for the success.
    It's a pleasure to work with such professionals. The team helped me while i had problem installing TV brackets, and they took care it right away even in the early morning of China!
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    Their unique design and tough quality, help us on the local e-commerce platform to achieve a high praise. I don't have worry about customer service after sale since they're reliable.I am confident that you will not regret buying from them
    Grigoriy Makarov
    I have been dealing with them for 7 years now. Their delivery is always very stable and reliable, which was my main reason in continuing this business relationship moving forward!
    Jawahar Havaldar
    When I need to buy a lot of goods, they can find the best deals for me like magic. And their prices are really reasonable - all that's left is telling them what exactly you're looking at so it will be super easy!
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    Address: No.888 Xinnan Road Yushan Town,Kunshan City Jiangsu,China

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are a leading metal bracket manufacturer with a own factory in China since 2012,helping you solve any A/V industry requirements.
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    If you like to buy some stock products, we can ship the items within 3 working days. However if you need customized production with a shorter deadline of 30-35days in advance; We suggest that they are ordered beforehand as urgency will be given priority over timeframes when necessary!

    If you need a product that’s in stock, we can ship it immediately. But if the item happens to be out of your desired quantity or requires customization for size/coloration – then 200 pieces are required as our MOQ limit!

    Sure, we can provide you with some samples for testing. Welcome to ask before ordering in bulk! We will charge a small fee and then return it after receiving your order has been produced at our factory overseas – don’t worry; this costs less than the shipping price from abroad!

    We have a skilled team who are trained to inspect your goods before they enter production, during the process and after completion. Our inspectors will ensure that all products meet rigorous international safety standards set out by organizations such as UL or ETL then provide you with an additional 5-year warranty on top if this isn’t enough for peace of mind!

    Please call us at once and we will be happy to help. We care about every single client, so you can count on our professional service! If your goods are damaged or lost in shipping please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible-we’ll make sure that the issue gets resolved quickly for you

    Of course,welcome to visit our company and know the production process.Also during COVID-19,we accept your video conference.

    If you’re looking for a designer, we can help. With our 12 years of experience in design and creation all at your fingertips it will surely be satisfying!

    Innovative Products,Certified Quality

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