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Wall-mounted TV bracket for purchase

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Wall-mounted TV bracket for purchase

First, see how many inches your TV is, and then choose the TV rack in the appropriate range.

2, next, see the weight of liquid crystal TV is how old, see the bearing range that TV hangs again next, whether satisfy a requirement.

3, after, look at the television behind the hole, the length and width of how much by how much, such as 400mm*400mm; 400mm*200mm, and so on, and then look at the frame of VISA hole range, whether to meet.

4. Pay attention to the classification of flat-panel TV racks. Currently, the racks in the market are mainly divided into adjustable Angle racks and fixed Angle racks. Adjustable Angle is hanged frame is to be able to adjust view and admire Angle as one's heart commonly, fixed Angle is to be hanged frame once install change Angle hard. Users should choose according to their needs before purchasing.

5, flat TV wall hangers should ensure that flat TV in the installation of maintenance, maintenance convenience, in the premise of not damaging the installation surface, installation frame, easy to remove.


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