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The two most important points of the tv bracket

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  Today, I will share with you some common sense of TV hangers to avoid regrets when you buy it. When you want to buy another one, the TV wall has been ruined.

TV hanger material

The materials and accessories of general cheap TV hangers cannot be compared with high-end hangers. For example, steel plates, some of which are SPCC cold-rolled steel plates certified by UL and GS in Germany. TV racks made of such steel plates can generally withstand 4 times the weight of the TV and have a longer service life than the TV.

Spraying process of TV hanger

The short circuit failure of Xudu TV is not caused by the problem of the TV itself, but due to the poor quality of the spraying process of the rack and the poor anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance. Therefore, the spraying process is by no means simple for beauty.

TV hanger

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