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The standard of imported materials inspection

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2.0 Range: suitable to our company’s imported materialsinspection
  3.0 Inspection method:
  3.1 Standard of selecting the sample:
                                           According to MIL-STD-105E
  3.2 Quality standard of permitting to receive:

Disadvantages Standard of Inspection Standard of Permitting to Receive
Seriousness CR. L-II C=0
Emphasis  MA. L-II 0.65
Secondariness   MI. L-II 1.0
Standard of Size S-1 0.65
Practical  configuration S-1 0.65
4.0 Inspection record:
imported materials inspector records the condition of each batch of imported material in Imported Materials Inspector Report.
5.0 Kinds of Disadvantages: not correspond to electroplate materials, burr, bar grid, color difference, be damaged, mixture, scratch, indentation, plating has color difference, not up to standard , rusting and oxidizing, fragment and deformation, has no thread or incomplete thread, loose screw, has granule, losing electroplate.
6.0 Partition of product’s sides: our company’s incoming materials are divided into 3 types: A side, B side, C side
    6.1 A side: positive above and front sides of product                                                                                                                      
          B side: left and right sides of product
          C side: the back side and the bottom of product( including interior)

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