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Standard specification for LCD TV mount bracket

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  The advantage of TV bracket is very clear, will TV is fixed on the wall through bracket, save room space on one hand, on the other hand you also can use TV bracket to adjust TV Angle. Make the direction of TV, Angle can adjust at will, satisfied the need that watches TV in different position. The space after TV receives appears simple, neat and very harmonious. But there are still a lot of requirements for TV bracket installation. According to the first of his TV size to determine the installation height, again, to provide TV size weight picks or professional design custom TV bracket, bracket, select the most appropriate TV is very important to choose a suitable hanging bracket, the rack above the design must be after many tests and strict calculation, strength and durability aspects must be guaranteed. For example, kunshan tairu electronics co. LTD. Design. The most important thing is to make sure that the walls are strong or that they can be reinforced themselves. Additional it is TV bracket can take receive line function to look cleaner.


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