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Standard of Die Casting Inspection

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Die Casting Inspection:

Die Casting Inspection
Project Kinds of Disadvantages  Standard of Description Check methods/ instrument
Cold Mold、Shrink 1.No Permission
Eye- measurement
Multi-material、Lacking Material 1.No Permission Eye- measurement
Mold Closed Line and Burr of Thimble Side 1. A side and B side do not be permitted; C side does not allow influent assemblage Eye- measurement
Contusion and scratch on surface 1.Eye-measured Side cannot be permitted Eye- measurement
Deformation 1.No Permission Eye- measurement
Measurement Not up to the standard of measurement 1. In accordance with Acknowledgement, Drawing sheet and BOM Table. Calliper/Microcalliper/Angle Gauge
Missing tapping, not full thread, rotten thread, loose screw 1.No Permission Eye- measurement
Size of screw hole is incorrect(Go-no go fixed gauges Inspection) 1.No Permission Thread Standard
Practical  configuration Assembly Interference 1.No Permission Assembly with material object
Remark:1. All products delivered from godown must enclose OQC Report. If not, it will be considered as defective product treatment.
                   2. If clients have special requires, we will carry out in accordance with their requires.

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