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Qingming festival

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  Qingming festival, also known as the spring outing festival, qingjie line, march festival, ancestor worship festival, the festival in the mid-spring and the turn of spring. Qingming is both natural and humanistic connotation, both natural solar terms, but also a traditional festival. Qingming is an ancient festival of the Chinese nation. It is not only a solemn festival for sweeping the tombs and worshiping the ancestors, but also a happy festival for people to get close to nature, go hiking and play and enjoy the fun of spring. Qingming festival is generally in the Gregorian calendar on April 5 around, that is, the 15th day after the vernal equinox. This one season, angry exuberant, Yin qi is declinatory, all things "spit out the old and take in the new", the earth presents the elephant of chun he jing Ming, it is outskirts spring outing and line qing dynasty tomb offering good period of time.

Festival customs

The Chinese nation has had the custom of spring outing since ancient times. Spring outing in ancient times called tanchun, such as the pursuit of spring, spring outing, also known as "spring". Generally refers to the early spring to the outskirts of a walk to play. Around the qingming festival, chunyang zhaolin, chunyu feisa, planting seedlings high survival rate, grow fast. Therefore, there are qingming tree planting habits, some people also called qingming "Arbor Day". Flying kites is a favorite activity during the qingming festival. In the past, some people put the kite in the blue sky, then cut the strings, let the wind send them to the ends of the earth, it is said that this can eliminate the disease eliminate disaster, bring good luck to themselves. Tomb-sweeping and ancestor worship, is the center of qingming festival customs. Qingming sacrifice is mainly to sacrifice ancestors, express the filial piety of the worshipers and the feeling of missing for the ancestors, which is a kind of cultural tradition of respecting ancestors and pursuing the end with caution. On the qingming festival, Chinese people have the custom of planting willows.

Seasonal food

  Due to the combination of cold food festival and qingming festival, some places in north China still keep the habit of eating cold food on qingming festival. In shandong province, jimo eats eggs and cold pastry, while laiyang, zhaoyuan and changdao eat eggs and cold sorghum rice. Tai 'an eat cold pancake roll raw bitter vegetables, it is said to eat bright eyes. Jinzhong area still retains the habit of banning fire the day before the qingming festival. Qingtuan is also known as "qingming cake", "steamed rice cake", "rice cake", "qingming cake", "mugwort rice cake", "qingming cake", "pineapple cake", "qingming cake", "glutinous rice cake with mugwort", "noodle cake with mugwort", "noodle cake with mugwort", "noodle cake", "noodle cake", "noodle cake", "noodle cake", "noodle cake", "noodle cake", "noodle cake" and so on.

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