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Precautions for installation of TV bracket

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Below is I for you to tidy up the TV wall installation notes.

1. Accurately locate the installation position of the flat-panel TV on the installation surface, the positioning accuracy must be guaranteed, and fix the mounting part of the installation surface.

2. In general television, heat dissipation grid is usually designed on the back or side of the back, so the back of the television and the upper and lower left and right sides need a space for ventilation and heat dissipation. The distance between the wall-mounted television and the wall should be at least 15 centimeters.

3. Since the various interfaces of the TV are basically arranged on the back, all kinds of data lines cannot be excessively bent against the wall, or it will be easily damaged. So it is better to choose the one that can beam the wire.

4. Care should be taken in the installation process. When moving the whole machine, handle it gently.

5. According to the requirements of hanger installation manual, install according to the steps.

6. If the display screen is connected with the speaker box and mounting bracket, it should be distinguished from the left and right sides and the right and left sides.

7. Pay attention to the positive and negative polarity of the speaker cable when connecting the speaker cable, and prevent the sound from inverting in the left and right sound channels.

8. After the display screen is hung, it needs to be measured with a horizontal ruler. Adjust the hanger screw to make the display screen completely in the horizontal position.

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