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PEACEMOUNTS`trip to Thailand.

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    peacemounts`trip to Thailand.On January 1, 2018, we started a five-day trip to Thailand.Begin a good beginning for our New Year.

  The five-day trip is rich and colorful.The temperature was still summer.We went to three places including Bangkok and pattaya and the island.In Bangkok,We visited the great palace in Thailand and learned about their buddhist culture,Know Thai history.Tour Thailand's chao phraya river and du lala water market.

  In pattaya,We watched Thai boxing and Transvestite show.We went to an island not far from pattaya.There we can ride motorboats and walk underwater.The seaside scenery is also very beautiful.You can have a seafood feast there.

   In a word, everything is good and short.These beautiful things will be remembered in our hearts.Let's make our New Year better.


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