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Notes on using the TV mobile floor stand

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  The advent of LCD TVs has enriched people's leisure life, and also promoted the development of the TV stand and hanger industry. Among them, the TV mobile floor stand has been praised by many users, but do friends who have never used the stand know the precautions for its use?

       As the name suggests, this is a mobile stand for storing TV sets. Its advantage is that it can be moved to meet the needs of different users. However, when using the TV mobile floor stand, you must pay attention to firmly fixing the TV to the stand to avoid problems such as unevenness and improper placement, which will cause the TV to fall and damage during the moving of the stand, giving users Bring loss or even danger.

       If you are watching a TV program, we do not recommend that you move the TV mobile floor stand at will, because there are many wires connected to the back of the TV. Moving it at random may cause the cable connectors to loosen, and even the TV is pulled off the stand, which will also bring losses, and As a result of the short circuit, the television poses a safety hazard. This is what we do not want to see, and it is also something you need to pay attention to when using the stand.

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