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Is it better to use a fixed TV mount or an adjustable one?

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    In daily use, an adjustable TV mount is better than a fixed one, mainly because the adjustable TV mount is more convenient to use. mainly reflects in:

(1) After the TV is installed on a fixed wall mount, the TV cannot be moved easily, so after a long time of use, dust will accumulate on the back and it is difficult to clean up. The adjustable TV wall mount is different and can pull the TV , And then you can easily clean up the dust and garbage on the back.

(2) Secondly, after installing the TV on the fixed wall mount, it is difficult to plug in the cable when the TV needs to be connected with other equipment; and the adjustable wall mount can easily pull out the TV and then insert the connection line. convenient.

(3) For the design of the living room and dining room as a whole, when the user dine in the dining room, the fixed TV set cannot be seen by the user due to the limitation of the viewing angle; while the adjustable TV set can be adjusted at will , So that users can watch TV while dining in the restaurant.

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