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Installation Standard Of TV Bracket

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  TV has become the indispensable electric equipment in our daily life, as the improvement of living standard, people pays attention to the look and feel of the TV more, sometimes to save space, owner can choose to hang LCD TV on the wall, so how should mount bracket on the wall?

  Installation procedure of telescopic TV bracket.

  1. Before installing the TV rack, carefully check the weight of the wall. Of a lot of rooms lie between the interior wall of the room is hollow completely, wall hangs TV to cannot be installed at all, can place TV to look above ark only.

  2. The installation environment is also very important, the installation position of the TV rack, generally speaking, the distance to watch TV should be at least 3-5 times of the diagonal distance of the display screen.

  3. The TV rack needs to be classified according to the type of the wall. Different walls should be installed in different ways. If common brick wall needs to install TV to hang the word that wear, need impact to drill to punch a hole in wall only, insert plastic to expand a pipe next, hang TV to hang finally wear with screw secure, it is ok to hang TV. 

  4. If it is a board wall, then it is necessary to first choose the positioning of the TV rack, to use a knife in the fixed point to play a small hole, and then put a 2cm thick long board in the TV rotation rack, so that the self-tapping screw in the self-tapping through the gypsum board and into the board, so that the force area increased.

  So, you know the installation.

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