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Important Things To Check Before You Buy A TV Bracket

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Some of this section may seem obvious, It imperative that before you buy your own TV wall bracket that you’re checking everything within this section to see if your TV mount is up for the job.

Weight Limit Of TV Mount

You must check that your TV mount can support the weight of your TV. You don’t want the TV bracket failing!

The Maximum TV Size

Another thing that you should consider is the maximum TV screen size advertised on your TV. If you’re unsure of the size of your TV screen, measure from corner to corner in inches and that is the size of your TV. 

Distance Of Fixings Holes On The Back Of The TV / VESA Pattern

This perhaps the most important thing that you need to check before buying your TV mount.  Exceeding your TV weight and size is obviously not good but if you can’t even fit the bracket to your TV, well that’s a load of time and money down the drain.


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