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How to install the tv wall mount

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  With the development of The Times, the traditional picture tube TV is gradually replaced by the thinner flat-panel TV due to its huge body. The LCD TV machine is energy-saving and energy-saving first, and radiation is small. In the sort of flatbed TV, a lot of people like to hang wall type TV more, because more beautiful and easy, do not need TV ark, still can save a space so, but how to install TV to hang the thing that is a lot of people headache, introduce to install TV to hang the method that wear for everybody below.


First, check the wall and weigh it

  Before installing LCD TV to hang a frame, want to check the bearing weight of metope carefully. Of a lot of rooms lie between the inside wall of the room is hollow completely, wall hangs TV to cannot install completely, can place liquid crystal TV to look above ark only. 

 Second, pay attention to the installation environment

  Installation environment is also very important, first of all, we view the indoor humidity, no matter what brand of LCD TV, is can't damp environment for a long time, In addition to air humidity, but also to see the LCD TV rack installation position, generally watching the TV distance to at least 3-5 times the diagonal distance of the display screen.

 Three, the choice of hanging wall bracket

 Choose appropriate wall to hang bracket when choosing LCD TV flower to wear, its intensity and be able to endure to want to have safeguard.

Four, observe the type of wall

  Of liquid crystal TV hang the type that needs to classify according to the wall, different metope wants to use different installation method. If ordinary brick wall need to install the LCD TV mounts, just impact drill holes on wall, and then into plastic expansion tubes, finally to LCD TV mounts live with screws, hang up the LCD TV is ok.

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