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How to install TV wall mount

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How to install TV wall mount

Step 1: Measure the height of the TV, the height from the TV center to the floor, and install the actual height measurement.

Step 2: Install the TV's back bracket. The thickness of the common iron plate on the market is 2cm-3cm, and most televisions are no problem to use.

Step 3: Measure the distance from the center of the rack and the bottom of the rack to the bottom of the TV, and measure it yourself according to the size of the rack you purchased.

Step 4: There is a spirit level on the rack, and it must be compared before punching to avoid imbalance.

Step 5: Coil the power cable on the back of the TV, plug in the network cable, and connect various lines to prepare to install the TV. After hanging the TV on the base, plug in various lines, adjust the left-right distance of the TV, and fix the on-hook screws.

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