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Holiday News

  • Halloween is coming soon

    Trick or treat,

  • Celebrating the 70th anniversary of China

    Celebrating the 70th anniversary of China.

  • PEACEMOUNTS wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn festival

    PEACEMOUNTS wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn festival!

  • Happy Chinese Valentine's Day

    Qixi festival, also known as the seven qiao festival

  • FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019™

    The FIFA Women's World Cup, or Women's World Cup,

  • Father's Day

    Maternal love such as spring rain, gentle and delicate, moisten things fine and silent, the father's love is like mountains, shelter, silently guard, less but reliable. Father's day is a day to thank our fathers for their service to us. Father's day, we were thinking, we are at the heart of the pare

  • April Fool's Day

    April Fool's Day, also called All Fools' Day,

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick's Day is March 17th of each year to commemorate the Irish patron saint Patrick. The festival originated in Ireland at the end of the 5th century and is now the National Day of Ireland. With the descendants of Ireland all over the world, the St. Patrick's Day has now become a holiday in

  • Arbor Day more than a green leaf, more than a warm-PEACEMOUNTS

    Arbor Day is to protect and advocate people planting trees, encourage people to love trees, remind people to pay attention to trees. Trees play a very important role in human survival and the ecological environment of the earth.

  • Happy International Working Women's Day

    International Working Women's Day (IWD) is called "United Nations Women's Rights and International Peace Day" or "United Nations women's rights and international peace day", also known as "International Women" in China. Festival, March 8th and March 8 Women's Day. It is a festival established on March 8th each year to celebrate women's important contributions and great achievements in the economic, political and social fields.


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