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In 2009, all shareholders collected money to set up a trading company which is specialized in exporting TV bracket.
In 2013, with the increase of orders, the original plant is too small to meet the needs of our production, we moved to a big production building in QianDeng Town.
In 2015, we purchased laser and bending machines, this is very helpful to the development of new products and samples,also this is convenient for the production of small customized products order.
In 2018,Our company continues to thrive and the number of employees increases. We are one of trade, production and processing. We also insist on going abroad to participate in large-scale exhibitions to let foreign friends know us and our products, because the exhibition is the most direct and fastest way to understand customer needs and The world's products change, just like we insist on continuous innovation and product quality.
In2020,We are based on excellent engineering and technical personnel and advanced equipment. We have decided to broaden our product range. We develop, design and develop new products like faucets, etc. We continue to provide customers with better products.
In 2005, all shareholders of Peacemounts entered into the mounting industry as different positions of companies, like sales, R&D engineer.
In 2012, The new factory was set up, which is specialized in the production of TV Mount. Therefore, Peacemounts became an industry and trade integration company.
In 2014, with the further increase of orders, as well as the upgrading of TV Mounts, we changed the main business from OEM TV mount to ODM TV mount,also we made a lot of tablet enclosure and stands. Sales and R & D departments are independent-ed from factory and moved to the office of Kunshan city.
In 2017,We have good technical equipment and excellent engineers. On this basis, we develop and produce whiteboard products, broaden our product range, and provide our customers with quality services.
In2019,The strength of our company continues to increase, attracting more and more people to develop together with a goal together, and we also continue to develop new products

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