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Happy mother's day to all great mothers

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  May 12, 2019 is mother's day. PEACEMOUNTS is here to wish all the great mothers a happy mother's day. You have worked so hard! Mother is very great, in the ancient Chinese poetry and allusion to our mother care. A mother's thread, a wanderer's garment. Facing thick seam, Italy fear to return late. Who statement inch grass heart, reported in the apartments! "Mencius's mother three times," "broken machine godchild" the story of the famed for over two thousand years, from the child grow the external environment to the internal law of learning, she noticed that finally made the child amplifier, as the mother of children education model of her own, is known as the "mother to teach a person", the modern still is taken van pass, mother meng as can be used as the image representative of the Chinese mother's day, to reveal the great mother and great maternal love, inspire generations of the mother, excitation, filial piety, as the son of man is love. In mother's day this day we want to express our filial piety to our mother, understand their hard, say a hard. Show our love.

母亲节mother day

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