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Happy Lantern Festival

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    Falling on the 15th day of the first lunar month (February 11, 2017), Lantern Festival is the first significant feast after Chinese New Year, so called because the most important activity during the night of the event is watching various wonderful Chinese lanterns. And because every household eats yuanxiao (a rice ball stuffed with different fillings) on that day, it is called Yuan Xiao Festival. For its rich and colorful activities, it is regarded as the most recreational among all the Chinese festivals and a day for appreciating the bright full moon, and family reunion.peacemounts hope you happy on this day .you will be interested in Lantern Festival.

                                                                                      Watching Lanterns


                                                                                         Eating Yuanxiao


                                                                                        Lion Dances


                                                                                   Guessing Lantern Riddles


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