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Happy Lantern Festival

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Make yuanxiao

  Lantern Festival, also known as the shangyuan festival, the small first month, yuan xi or Lantern Festival, for the annual lunar January 15, is the Chinese Spring Festival in the last important festival customs.

The origin of Lantern Festival

  Legend has it that the Lantern Festival was set up in memory of emperor wen of the han dynasty. After the uprising, all the officials proclaimed liu heng, the second son of liu bang, as emperor wen of the han dynasty. Emperor wen felt that peace and prosperity were not easy to come by, so he set the fifteenth day of the first month as a happy day to celebrate with the people. Since then, the fifteenth day of the first month has become a popular folk festival -" trouble Lantern Festival ".

Customs of Lantern Festival

  China has a vast territory and a long history, so the customs of the Lantern Festival in different parts of the country, including eating yuanxiao, lanterns, dragon dance, lion dance and other important folk customs of the festival.

eat yuanxiao

  The fifteenth day of the first month to eat yuanxiao, "yuanxiao" as a food, in our country has a long history. Song dynasty, the popular folk that the Lantern Festival to eat a novel food. This kind of food was first called "floating yuan zi" and then "yuanxiao".

Make lanterns

  The Lantern Festival is a traditional festival custom, which began in the western han dynasty and flourished in the sui and tang dynasties. After the sui and tang dynasties, the light of the wind prevailed, and inherited in later generations. On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, it is the climax of the annual fireworks. So also called the Lantern Festival "Lantern Festival".

Guess lantern fan

  Guessing lantern riddles, also known as playing lantern riddles, began to spread from the ancient characteristics of the Lantern Festival activities. On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the traditional folk people will hang up colorful lanterns and set off fireworks. Later, some people write riddles on a piece of paper and stick them on colorful lanterns for people to guess.

The dragon

  Dragon dance is also called dragon dance or dragon dance. Its origin can be traced back to ancient times. Legend has it that, as early as the yellow emperor period, in a kind of large song and dance of "clear horn", there appeared the image of the head bird body played by human beings, and then choreographed the dance scene of six flood dragons interweaving with each other.

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