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Happy Chinese Valentine's Day

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  Qixi festival, also known as the seven qiao festival, seven elder sister festival, daughter's festival, begging for cleverness festival, seven niang will, qixi festival festival, the day of cow and ox woman, qiao xi, is the traditional festival of Chinese folk. Qixi festival is derived from star worship. It is the seventh elder sister's birthday in the traditional sense. It is named "qixi" because it is held in the seventh night of July. It is a traditional custom to worship the seven elder sisters, pray for blessings and wishes, beg for artistic skills, sit and watch the cowherd and the weaver maid, pray for marriage, and store water on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. With the development of history, qixi festival is endowed with the beautiful love legend of "cowherd and weaver girl", which makes it become a festival of love, and thus is considered as the most romantic traditional festival in China. In modern times, it even has the cultural meaning of "Chinese valentine's day".


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