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Exhibition News

  • PEACEMOUNTS are attending the exhibition in IFA 2018

    peacemounts are attending the exhibition in IFAViews:126 Author:peacemounts Publish Time: 2017-09-06 Origin:peacemountspeacemounts are attending the exhibition in IFA.We are in HALL 3 , 241A. Welcome to visit us!The exhibition attracted a lot of people,This exhibition gives us the oppor

  • PEACEMOUNTS’ visit to the IFA was successfully concluded

    peacemounts’ visit to the IFA was successfully concluded,

  • PEACEMOUNTS are setting up the booth before the exhibition-IFA

    peacemounts are setting up the booth before the exhibition-IFA,

  • Chinese Micro adjustment anti-theft steel Video Wall Mount attracted customers in the CIHS

    Let’s congratulate Peacemounts on the success of China International Hardware Show (CIHS).We put all of the efforts and time on the exhibition.Chinese Micro adjustment anti-theft steel Video Wall Mount attracted customers in the CIHS

  • Peacemounts will attend China International Hardware Show 2016

    Hello everyone,China International Hardware Show (CIHS) will be held in National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai) from 21-23 October 2016,We are honored to attend it.It is Asia’s top trade fair for the entire hardware and DIY sectors offering specialist traders and buyers with a comprehens

  • Peacemounts Is Taking Part in the Las Vegas Convention

    Today, our company is taking part in the Las Vegas Convention. Maggie Hong and Candy Xiao on behalf of us are traveling to America to attend the convention. Our leading product—MV-70 Chinese micro adjustment anti-theft steel video wall mount which is inexpensive but has high quality is very popular.

  • Las Vegas Convention of Peacemounts Is Coming

    Hello, everyone! Las Vegas Convention will be held in Las Vegas from 8th to 10th, June, 2016. We are very honored to be a member of it. Our brooth number is C6238. The area of brooth is 9 m2. We will use portable display to show our leading products—MV-70 Chinese Micro Adjustment Anti-theft Steel Video Wall Mount and Spring Desk Top Mount. We adopt new technology— Laser Carving and we also have bending machine. These are both our advantages of customization. If your products need being made to order, you can send inquiry to us, or take part in this exhibition. We are looking forward you to coming this Exhibition.

  • The New Exhibition of Peacemounts Is Coming

    We will attend an exhibition- Las Vegas Convention Centre from 8th to 10th June, 2016. MV-70 Push in Pop-out Micro-adjustment anti-theft Universal Steel Video Wall Mount is our leading product. If you are satisfied with our product, you can send an inquiry to us or take part in the exhibition on Las Vegas. We will wait for you at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.


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