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Double-sided magnetic glass whiteboard - professionally designed and customized

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  Whiteboard in the daily office or education has been an indispensable part of the whiteboard itself is not only convenient and affordable, especially its durability, whiteboard requirements with the continuous improvement of demand is getting higher and higher, welcomed by the general public and attention. Now people not only focus on the white board itself, but also study a variety of multifunctional white board, including materials such as glass white board, double-sided magnetic glass white board can also be designed according to function or property, and can be moved 360 degrees to rotate the double-sided glass white board. A glass white board, can help you improve the corporate image, glass white board is made of tempered glass, beautiful and real, with texture. Make the conference room more bright and fashionable. In business communication, high-grade glass whiteboard will enhance your professional image.



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