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Bracket of home expenses TV, can so practical originally

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  The user that has bought TV bracket knows, after TV USES wall to hang type plan, not only save a space. From the aspect of appearance, professional function hanger has been greatly upgraded in product structure.

  TV hangs the design of subversive sex, be in namely up and down on the foundation of dip Angle adjustment, realized the left and right turn Angle adjustment function of the television, and from stick a wall to close the visual distance telescopic function of the body.


  This one is more advanced, mobile and easy to operate. Give full play to the advantages of mobile flexibility, can meet the user's any use of any location requirements. Equipped with equipment partition, can achieve all equipment integration. No matter where you are, you can do your work anytime and anywhere. Compared with the traditional hole position lifting, it not only eliminates the tedious lifting steps, but also the lifting height is not restricted. 

Purchase and installation tips:

  First, pay attention to distinguish the classification of the television rack, the current market is mainly divided into adjustable Angle rack and fixed Angle rack.

  The 2nd, TV wall MOUNT frame to answer to assure the maintenance after the television is installed.

  Third, the wall mounted installation frame, fasteners and may have adverse effects on safety, environmental protection and other metal parts must be firmly welded or connected.

  Fourth, when buying the wall-mounted installation rack, check whether the installation rack includes the wall connection part

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