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April Fool's Day

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   April Fool's Day, also called All Fools' Day, is most Fools' Day. It is a popular folk festival in the west since the 19th century and has not been recognized as a legal holiday by any country. On this day, people cheat and play tricks on each other in various ways. The nature of jokes is rarely malicious in nature. However, some jokes are too big and cause people's panic, which results in a large scale reaction and generates rumors and urban legends. Therefore, people generally try to avoid jokes about disasters.

  April Fool's Day is a traditional western festival, also known as April Fool's Day. There are various opinions on the origin of this custom. According to the festival, lovers fool each other for fun on the 31st day of march every year. The more common theory is that it originated in France. In 1564, France first adopted the new reform of the calendar - the Gregorian calendar (that is, the universal solar calendar), to January 1 as the beginning of the year, changed the past to April 1 as the beginning of the New Year calendar. During the implementation of the new calendar, some traditionalists opposed the reform and refused to update it.

  They still exchange gifts and organize New Year's celebrations on April 1. The reformers made a mockery of these old fogies. On April 1, clever and funny people gave fake gifts to die-hards, invited them to a fake celebration, and called them "April fools" or "fish on the hook". Later, they fool each other on this day, and over time it becomes a popular custom in France. The festival spread to England in the 18th century and was later brought to the United States by early English immigrants.

  At first, any American could produce appalling news without any moral or legal accountability, and neither the government nor the judiciary would pursue it. On the contrary, whoever can make up the most bizarre and convincing lies will be crowned the winner. This practice has caused much confusion in society and has aroused people's dissatisfaction. The tricks of the holiday season are no longer as outrageous as they used to be. [1]

  April fool's day jokes can only be played until twelve o 'clock at noon. A man who has fun after noon is a greater fool than the one he makes fun of. He that jested after an hour was soon out of humour. A little poem goes like this: April fool's day is past twelve o 'clock, you big fool come late. Next April fool's day, you'll be the biggest April fool ever.

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