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2018 Spring Festival of China

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      This year is the year of the dog.Spring Festival refers to the traditional Chinese New Year, commonly known as the "annual festival" in the cultural circle of Chinese characters. The traditional name is New Year, big year and New Year, but it is also known as the year of the Chinese New Year, and the New Year of celebration. [1] the Chinese Spring Festival has a history of more than 4,000 years. In modern times, people call the Spring Festival is scheduled for the first lunar month, but usually at least until the fifteenth day of the New Year, the Lantern Festival is over, among the people, the Spring Festival in the traditional sense refers to from the Greek festival or the lunar month, 23 or 24 people, until the nineteen day.

       During the Spring Festival, China's han and some ethnic minorities hold various celebrations. All these activities are to worship the ancestor, the ancestor, the old cloth new, welcome the blessing, pray for the abundant year as the main content, the form is rich and colorful, with the strong national characteristics. Influenced by Chinese culture, some countries and ethnic groups that belong to the cultural circle of Chinese characters also have the custom of celebrating the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, people return home to their families and families to express their earnest wishes for the coming year and the best wishes for a New Year.

       The Spring Festival is a traditional festival, the most solemn of the Chinese nation and Chinese people be able to release emotions, to meet the psychological demands of important carrier, is the spiritual prop of the annual carnival and the Chinese nation forever.


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